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Sterling Weekly for January 9th, 2006


The overall market started 2006 on a positive note, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average finishing the week at a 4 year high. My thoughts on the overall market continue to be very straight forward. The stock market is a reflection of expectations for the future. The overall economy is doing well and looks as if it will continue to do well, and the overseas situation in Iraq appears to be progressing in the right direction. Thus the future looks good and the market should continue to perform positively as a result. however it does not mean there is not risks for future performance. The domestic political climate needs to remain stable with the tax cuts that helped spark the current economic expansion (growth) need to be extended and not allowed to expire and there needs to be continued progress in reforming parts of the government and economy that are inefficient. The Bottom Line: I am expecting the overall market to remain strong and the Dow Jones Industrial Average to set new record highs later this year.

I have inserted a weekly chart on the Amex Biotech Index 'BTK' below. The Amex Biotechnology Index 'BTK' is an equal dollar weighted index designed to measure the performance of a cross section of companies in the biotechnology industry that are primarily involved in the use of biological processes to develop products or provide services. Such processes include, but are not limited to, recombinant DNA technology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, monoclonal antibody-based technology, lipid/liposome technology, and genomics. The BTK Index was established with a benchmark value of 200.00 on October 18, 1991. The components of the 'BTK' include: Cephalon, Inc. 'CEPH', Vertex Pharmaceuticals 'VRTX', Celgene Corp. 'CELG', Gilead Sciences 'GILD', Millenium Pharmaceuticals 'MLNM', Biogen Idec 'BIIB', Human Genome Sciences 'HGSI', Protein Design Labs 'PDLI', Genentech Inc. 'DNA', Amgen Inc. 'AMGN', Genzyme Corp. 'GENZ', Enzon Pharmaceuticals 'ENZN', Chiron Corp. 'CHIR', Medimmune Inc. 'MEDI', Affymetrix Inc. 'AFFX', Applera Corp-Celera Genomics 'CRA' and Invitrogen Corp. 'IVGN'. Additional infomation on the 'BTK' and its components can be found at the Sterling Investment's page covering the Amex Biotech Index 'BTK' by clicking (here). It appears that the 'BTK' is in the process of forming a very long term cup pattern. If the 'BTK' closes above a level of 765.61 then it will have completed the cup pattern. If this cup pattern is completed then we would expect the 'BTK' to continue to move higher over the couse of the next couple of years with a long term target of 1,234.93 Currently I do not see anything that is preventing the 'BTK' from moving towards the 765 level, as a result I think the long term prospects for the BTK remain very positive.
Sterling Investment Services has recentlypublished a report on the Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index and its components. This report is available to the subscribers and trial subscribers of our daily newsletter the Prime Stock Newsletter. The report can be accessed by subscribers & trial subscribers here, and additional information concerning this report is available from our home page.
Sterling Calendars for the Week of January 9th, 2006
Economic Calendar
Date Est. Time Release For

Consensus Prior
1/09 3:00pm Consumer Credit Nov. $5.0B $5.0B ($7.2B)
1/10 10:00am Wholesale Inventories Nov. 0.6% 0.5% 0.2%
1/11 10:30am Crude Inventories 1/06 N/A N/A (1,103)
1/12 8:30am Export Prices-Ex. Ag. Dec. N/A N/A (0.9%)
1/12 8:30am Import Price Ex. Oil Dec. N/A N/A (0.2%)
1/12 8:30am Trade Balance Nov. ($65.4B) ($66.0B) ($68.9)
1/12 8:30am Initial Claims 01/07 325k 320k 291k
1/12 2:00pm Treasury Budget Dec.
$4.2B ($2.9B)
1/13 8:30am Retail Sales Dec. 1.0% 1.0% 0.3%
1/13 8:30am Retail Sales ex. Auto Dec. 0.5% 0.4% (0.3%)
1/13 8:30am Business Inventories Nov. 0.5% 0.4% 0.3%
1/13 8:30am PPI Dec. 0.3% 0.4% (0.7%)
1/13 8:30am Core PPI Dec. 0.1% 0.2% 0.1%

  Misc. Calendar
Date: Comments:
1/09 Alcoa, Inc. 'AA' announces earnings after the close. Est. $0.37
1/09 WD-40 Company 'WDFC' announces earnings. Time n/a. Est. $0.35
1/10 Genetech, Inc. 'DNA' announces earnigns after the close. Est. $0.34
1/10 Infosys Tech. 'INFY' announces earnings after the close. Est. $0.52
1/10 Supervalu, Inc. 'SVU' announces earnings before the open. Est. $0.50
  The full earnings calendar for this week can be found (here)

Prime Update:

Sterling Investment Services is an investment research and money management firm publishing the Prime Stock Newsletter. The Prime Stock Newsletter is a daily comprehensive newsletter that is useful for investors and traders alike. Whether you are looking for short term trading opportunities ranging from day trading to a couple of weeks or if you looking to acquire a long term portfolio at smart entry points. Subscriptions are $50/month. A Free 2 Week Trial is currently being offered.

Highlights from Recent editions of the Prime Stock Newsletter
Recommendation Date Entry Point Recent Close or Exit Price Profit* Note
Advanced Micro 'AMD' Nov. 7th $24.63 $33.78


Should continue to move higher.
Vertex Pharm. 'VRTX' Dec.14th $27.26 $31.29 $4.03 Should still move higher.
Capital One 'COF'

Dec 19th

$85.25 $88.56 $3.16 Held overnight and sold the next day
* The per share PROFIT is a theoretical calculation based upon the opening price the day the recommendation is published and the intra day high (or low for short sales) on the exit day. The exit day is determined based upon the application of our "Rules for Trading", the implementation of "stops" within our stated policy, and may not reflect the complete or full movement of the underlying recommendation.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU)

Current Opinion: Closed @ 10,959.31 Last Signal: Called Higher with the close of 10,823.72 on December 13th. Current Expectations: I think the end of the year weakness is over for the market. I am expecting the Dow Jones Industrial Average to move higher and test 10,940.55 on a closing basis.

The S&P 500

Current Opinion: Closed @ 1,285.45 Last Signal: Called higher with the close of 1,267.43 on December 13th. Current Expectation: I am expecting the S&P 500 to continue to move higher and test 1,312.54 on a closing basis.

The NASDAQ 100 (NDX)

Current Opinion: Closed @ 1,734.99 Last Signal: Called Higher with the close of 1,679.93 on January 3rd. Current Expectations: This index was hit harder by the end of the year selling, declining more than the other major indices. I am now expecting the NDX to continue to move higher and test 1,751.45 on a closing basis.

CBOE Ten Year Treasury Index (TNX)

Current Opinion: Closed @ 4.379% Last Signal: Called Lower after the close of trading on December 16th with a close of 4.448% Current Expectations: This index should move lower and test then 4.176% on a closing basis. Note: Our technical indicators are warning that this index may turn higher within the next few days.

Disclaimer: The Sterling Investments series of newsletters is produced by Sterling Investment Services, Inc. All information used in the production has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. Sterling Investment Services does not warrant or assume any liability for inaccuracy of the information used to produce our publications. To receive further information on these services please visit our web page at: If you would like to contact us our fax # is (404)-816-8830 Email address is: Sterling Investment Services may hold positions in the securities recommended or may be providing consulting services to the companies mentioned within this report.
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