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Previous Recommendations
September 26th, 2008 Short Sale Recommendation of Alcoa 'AA'. Profit of $11.04 in 17 days!
October 2nd, 2008 Short Sale Recommendation of Las Vegas Sands 'LVS'. A Profit of $15.80 in 8 days!
October 27th, 2008 Short Sale Recommendation of Transocean, Inc. 'RIG'. A Profit of $5.65 in 1 Day!
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Past editions of the Prime Stock Newsletter
Past Editions of the Prime Stock Newsletter have been archieved and are currently being reorganized into a more comprehensive directory
How to interpret our recommendations

The Prime Stock Newsletter contains a daily commentary on the overall market, and our single best trading idea for the day! (Both Long & Short Sale Recommendations) We select this stock through a combination of technical (charting) and fundamental financial) analysis. The Prime Stock Newsletter provides select expanded quotation information, corporate description, select recent company news, our technical analysis of the shares and our expectations, and our options recommendation for the company.

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The Sterling Weekly for the week of December 27th , 2010 is now available. A copy of which can be viewed (here). In this week's edition of the Sterling Weekly, I take a look at at the results of our forecasts in the Sterling Weekly during 2010 to see how they faired. I would like to think we did fairly well. Please check out this week's edition and see how we did.

Our most recent Performance Report on the recommendations contained within the Sterling Prime Stock Newsletter can be found (here.) We are proud to announce that 19 of our last 20 recommendations were profitable. This is a 85% success rate with an average profit per trade of $0.77 per share. Additionally archived copies of our Performance Reports are available (here.)

* Our December 6th short sale recommendation of Big Lots 'BIG' @ $29.38/share was closed out at $27.85/share for a gain of $1.53/share.

* Our December 21st recommendation of Moly Corp. 'MCP' @ $40.45/share closed at $49.44/share on December 27th for a gain of $8.99/share.

* Our December 27th short sale recommendation of O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. 'ORLY' @ $60.15/share reached an intraday low of $59.21/share for a gain of $0.94/share.


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