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Sterling Weekly for September 29th, 2008

I had originally planned on discussing what I thought should be the appropriate changes to the "short sale" regulations in this week's edition of the Sterling Weekly. However after a week of watching Congress work on a rescue package for the financial sector and seeing how laden it had become with special interest packages and how partisan it had become my feelings about the process and the package changed 180 degrees from originally being in support of the package to feeling that we needed to put the brakes on the process. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think we need a sound and healthy financial system in order for our economy to grow and function properly. However, I am somewhat concerned when I see Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Charles Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi being the architects behind the legislation that would implement the rescue package for our financial system. They have been some of the biggest obstacles to badly needed reform that could have easily helped prevent our current financial crisis from getting so out of hand.

As I write this edition of the Sterling Weekly, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Congressional Lawmakers have reached a tentative bailout deal. Looking at the cast of characters who have helped draft the deal I have strong concerns that it will be ladened with trust funds set up to benefit special interest groups that ultimately will turn out being used as payoffs back to the very congressmen that helped draft the bailout deal. As a result I am asking everyone to write their congressmen asking them to oppose any such features in the proposed legislation.

You can locate your Representative in the US House of Representatives (here).

You can locate your US Senator from the site located (here)

I will be writing my letters to my representative and senators later today or early Monday. I will post them on line for others to see and use as a template.

In the upcoming editions of the Sterling Weekly I will be taking a look at the two (2) remaining issues I feel are weighing on the market. If you are not a subscriber, please be sure to sign up in order to see our upcoming comments.

The overall market continues to remain under pressure. The uncertainty of the financial bailout package has created a set of circumstances where the trend of the market is going to remain to the downside until there is a clear resolution to the structure and the legislation of the bailout package. The Bottom Line is that until then, the trend of the market is going to be to the downside.

Sterling Calendars for the Week of September 29th, 2008
Economic Calendar
Date Est. Time Release For

Consensus Prior
09/29 8:30am Personal Income Aug. N/A 0.2% (0.7%)
09/29 8:30am Personal Spending Aug. NA 0.2% 0.2%
09/30 9:45am Chicago PMI Sep. NA 54.0 57.9
09/30 10:00am Consumer Conf. Sep. NA 55.0 56.9
10/01 NA Auto Sales Sep. NA NA 4.5M
10/01 NA Truck Sales Sep. NA NA 5.9M
10/01 8:15am ADP Employment Sep      
10/01 10:00am Construction Spending Aug. NA (0.5%) (0.6%)
10/01 10:00am ISM Index Sep. NA 50.0 49.9
10/01 10:35am Crude Inventories 9/27      
10/02 8:30am Initial Claims 9/27      
10/02 10:00am Factory Orders Aug. NA (1.8%) 1.3%
10/03 8:30am Average Workweek Sep. NA 33.7 NA
10/03 8:30am Hourly Earnings Sep. NA 0.3% NA
10/03 8:30am Nonfarm Payrolls Sep. NA (90k) NA
10/03 8:30am Unemployment Rate Sep NA 6.1% NA
10/03 10:00am ISM Services Sep. NA 50.0 50.6

  Misc. Calendar
Date: Comments:
09/29 Circuit City 'CC' announces earnings. Time N/A. Est. ($1.04)
09/29 Walgreen 'WAG' announces earnings before the open. Est. $0.45
09/30 Pepsi Bottling 'PBG' announces earnings. Time N/A. Est. $1.04
10/01 Immucor 'BLUD' announces earnings after the close. Est. $0.23
10/01 Micron Tech. 'MU' announces earnings. Time N/A. Est. ($0.22)
10/02 Global Payments 'GPN' announces earnings after the close. Est. $0.59
10/03 Family Dollar 'FDO' announces earnings before the open. Est. $0.34
  The full earnings calendar for this week can be found (here)

Prime Update:

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Highlights from Recent editions of the Prime Stock Newsletter
Recommendation Date Entry Point Recent Close or Exit Price Profit* Note
Genesse & Wy. 'GWR' Sep. 22 $45.58 $46.61 Sept. 22nd intra-day high.


position closed
Sun Micro 'JAVA ' Short Sale Sep. 23 $7.78 $7.64 $0.14 Should continue to move lower

Alcoa 'AA' Short Sales

Sep. 26

$24.43 $23.54 $0.89 Should continue to move lower.
* The per share PROFIT is a theoretical calculation based upon the opening price the day the recommendation is published and the intra day high (or low for short sales) on the exit day. The exit day is determined based upon the application of our "Rules for Trading", the implementation of "stops" within our stated policy, and may not reflect the complete or full movement of the underlying recommendation.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU)

Current Opinion: Closed @ 11,143.13 Current Expectations: The overall market is extremely volatile due to the situation with in Washington concerning the financial package. I am expecting the overall market to continue to trend lower. The Dow Jones Industrial Average should continue to move lower and test 10,739.35 on a closing basis.

The S&P 500

Current Opinion: Closed @ 1,213.01 Current Expectation: I am expecting the S&P 500 to continue to move lower and test 1,177.80 and then 1,154.05 on a closing basis.

The NASDAQ 100 (NDX)

Current Opinion: Closed @ 1,672.04 Current Expectations: I am expecting the NDX to continue to move lower and test 1,632.45 and then 1,494.33 on a closing basis.

CBOE Ten Year Treasury Index (TNX)

Current Opinion: Closed @ 3.829%Current Expectations: With the current market turmoil it is anyone's guess where interest rates are going. However, my guess is that short term debt instruments will be more sought after than longer term ones.

Disclaimer: The Sterling Investments series of newsletters is produced by Sterling Investment Services, Inc. All information used in the production has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. Sterling Investment Services does not warrant or assume any liability for inaccuracy of the information used to produce our publications. To receive further information on these services please visit our web page at: If you would like to contact us our fax # is (404)-816-8830 Email address is: Sterling Investment Services may hold positions in the securities recommended or may be providing consulting services to the companies mentioned within this report.
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